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We are so blessed that we have a treasure in our country that we have been venerating for almost 500 years now! This treasure is no other than the image of the Santo Niño de Cebu. I would like to share with you and explore the Beauty of this image who is no other than Jesus Christ Himself. For us Filipino Catholics, the face of Christ is also revealed in the beauty of the sacred image, songs, stories, dances, prayers, gestures and other popular devotions to the Santo Niño.

I would like to invite you to join me in this wonderful journey of sharing and exploring the Beauty of this image that has become part of our identity as Filipinos and Catholics for almost 500 years.

May our shared exploration of this Beauty enables us to see the beauty within our culture and our expression of faith. And as we see the beauty within us, may we also continue to strengthen our love for Christ, the “Beauty ever ancient, ever new” in the image of Santo Niño de Cebu.

Viva Pit Señor!

Williener Jack E. Luna, OSA

Late have I loved you. Oh Beauty ever ancient, ever new. Late have I loved you.

Saint Augustine